Sulphur-calcium fertiliser "Agro-Wapń EKO-ZEC"

Gypsum from the Kozienice Power Plant is a high-grade mineral sulphur-calcium fertiliser. The EKO-ZEC company introduces it to the market under the trade name of "Agro-Wapń EKO-ZEC" sulphur-calcium fertiliser with a European "EC fertiliser" mark, in accordance with the Regulation (EC) No. 2003/2003 of the European Parliament and of the Council on fertilisers, and the Act of 10 July 2007 on fertilisers and fertilising.

Its value in use is confirmed by the Certificate No. 13/16of compliance with mineral fertilisers quality requirements, issued by the Institute of New Chemical Syntheses in Puławy..

Agro-Wapń EKO-ZEC is a solid, loose, powdered, with an amorphous structure but not dusty fertiliser thanks to its proper moisture content. In sulphate compounds (SO4) it contains min. 17% of sulphur (S) soluble in water and min. 21,3% of (Ca) calcium. It is especially recommended for soils that are acidic or have a low sulphur content, or for plants with increased sulphur demand, but it is also suitable for fertilising all types of cultivated crops, both for field-scale crops, as well as for grassland, vegetables, orchards, etc.

Fertiliser information sheet

More information on the properties and possible applications of the "Agro-Calcium EKO-ZEC sulphur-calcium fertiliser and product prices, terms of sale and delivery is provided by the Department of Trade and Logistics:
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The "Agro-Wapń EKO-ZEC" sulphur-calcium fertiliser

S - 17% (as per pure S03 compound min. 41.9%)
Ca - 21.3% (as per pure CaO compound min. 30.3%)

  • Does not acidify the soil, but improves its structure
  • Enhances and acts antiseptically on plants
  • Neutralises toxic aluminium


Scope of use:

The Agro-Wapń EKO-ZEC fertiliser is intended to be used on all types of soil for fertilising:

  • Main crop plants (rape, mustard, corn, beet, cereals, legumes)
  • Orchard cultivation (pome fruits, stone fruits or berries)
  • Vegetable cultivation (root, brassica, bulbous or leafy)
  • Grassland (natural meadows, pastures, clean grass, clean papilionaceous and papilionaceous-grass communities)



Agro-Wapń EKO-ZEC has a form of fine powder with a specially adjusted moisture content ensuring that the fertiliser is not dusty.

The sulphur contained in Agro-Calcium EKO-ZEC is easily absorbed by plants, which provides them with good nutrition. The plants are stronger, resistant to fungi and bacteria. Plants provided with enough sulphur show greater resistance to frost and drought.

Calcium, on the other hand, guarantees greater flexibility, which makes the plants more weather-resistant and less prone to lodging. It affects the correct rooting of plants, which guarantees a good supply of all nutrients. In addition, it improves the soil lumpiness and, consequently, creates favourable conditions for seed germination.


Average dosage:

  • White beet - 350-400 kg/ha
  • Mustard - 400-4500 kg/ha
  • Corn - 300-400 kg/ha
  • Legumes - 200-225 kg/ha
  • Spring rape - 400-450 kg/ha
  • Winter rape - 450-500kg/ha
  • Grains 200-225 kg/ha


Time and method of spreading:

The Agro-Wapń EKO-ZEC fertiliser can be used from spring to late autumn. For spreading the fertiliser, you can use a wide range of fertiliser spreaders.