Flay ash and slag

The EKO-ZEC company with its registered office in Poznań is one of the leading providers of services in the field of furnace waste management from the power industry, such as fly ash, slag, ash-slag mixture. These materials are used as additions to concrete, cement, ceramic construction products and as a material for earthwork construction. When used in the production of building materials, they improve their physico-chemical properties and lower the cost of production..

The EKO-ZEC company annually recovers more than 500,000 Mg of fly ash and nearly 100,000 Mg of slag and ash-slag mixture from coal combustion, mainly coming from Veolia Energia Poznań ZEC S.A. and Veolia Energia Łódź S.A.

The EKO-ZEC company guarantees comprehensive management of the above-mentioned waste, supervision over this operation and taking a full legal responsibility for the tasks performed. According to the owned by EKO-ZEC administrative decisions on fly ash recovery, if it meets the requirements of the PN-EN 450-1:2012 "Fly ash for concrete" standard, it does not constitute waste within the meaning of the Waste Act and can therefore be used without the need to apply for additional permits from the local environmental protection authority..

The fly ash offered by EKO-ZEC also has:

  • EC Certificates of Conformity issued by the Institute of Construction Technology,
  • CE marking,
  • Hygienic Attestations (can be used in buildings intended for human and livestock occupancy),
  • control tests in accordance with the Factory Production Control (physico-mechanical and chemical according to the PN-EN 450-1:2012 standard.

Fly ash production is subject to constant quality control (through both self-inspection and control by independent supervision units).

Information on prices, terms of sale and delivery of ash and slag is provided by the Trade and Logistics Department:

POZNAŃ phone (61) 8 211 470 phone (61) 8 211 489, mobile 603 900 619 i 667 676 400,
ŁÓDŹ phone (42) 6 755 995, mobile 601 826 621