The EKO-ZEC company with its registered office in Poznań is one of the leading providers of services in the field of furnace waste management from the power
In 2006, the EKO-ZEC company launched its own concrete mixing plant in Poznań, where it produces a wide range of mixes – from ready-mix concrete to products
EKO-ZEC Sp. z o.o. manufacturing and service company sells aggregates from recycled construction waste and waste from road reconstructions and renovations.


The EKO-ZEC company with registered office in Poznań recycles construction waste, road renovations and demolition works waste, such as: rubble, asphalt and concrete. For this purpose, it uses a mobile jaw crusher with a vibration screens assembly (efficiency of 140 tonnes/h

Year of execution   1996-1997 Macro-levelling and reclamation of the landfill site in the town of Borówko-Polska Wieś, Pobiedziska municipality 1996 Reclamation of the excavation site in the working area of the Biedrusko firing ground, Suchy Las municipality

The EKO-ZEC manufacturing and service company also offers services in the field of the demolition of buildings and roads and other demolition works. The works are carried out in accordance with the requirements of construction law and environmental protection law. Waste

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The EKO-ZEC Sp. z o.o. manufacturing and service company was established in 1995, based on the department of waste
YEAR 2016  Educational classes at the EKO-ZEC facility for students of the Faculty of Chemistry at the A. Mickiewicz
Year 2016 Usefulness of sewage sludge in co-incineration. 2nd National Technical Conference "Sludge management and
The EKO-ZEC Sp. z o.o. manufacturing and service company operates in the following fields: recovery and distribution of
The EKO-ZEC company has developed transport and logistics, as well as technical facilities, and a modern car and

Spółka EKO-ZEC prowadzi sprzedaż betonu towarowego, popiołu i żużla oraz kruszyw recyklingowych

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The EKO-ZEC Sp. z o.o. manufacturing and service company makes every effort to ensure that its activity meets the needs of its Customers as well as possible, and is conducted in a way that respects the natural environment.

The Integrated Management System fulfilling the requirements of PN-EN ISO 9001, PN-EN 14001 and PN-N 18001, based on the Management Board Declaration and Integrated Management System Policy was implemented to maintain and improve the level of operation.

The Integrated Management System allows the EKO-ZEC Company to maintain strict supervision over the quality of provided services and manufactured products, the environmental aspects of its operations and occupational health and safety. References to the Integrated Management System in the form of procedures and instructions can be seen at every stage of all EKO-ZEC activities.

Its aim is continuous improvement directed at the correct operation of the company, continuous improvement of relations with clients, monitoring of the environmental impact and health of employees, and ensuring safety in the work environment.

Zbigniew Chrzanowski
Chairman of the Board at EKO-ZEC Sp. z o.o.